Faculty Senate

Senate President 2020-2022

Matt Kropf

Kropf, Matt

Associate Professor of Natural Sciences/Petroleum Technology

Division of Physical & Computational Sciences


Phone: 814-362-5197

Location: 221A Swarts Hall

Senate Vice President 2020-2022

Kira Leck

Leck, Kira

Director of the Sociology Program

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences


Phone: 814-362-7604

Location: 235C Swarts Hall

Senate Secretary 2018-20

Donald Ulin

Ulin, Donald

Director of English

Division of Communication and the Arts


Phone: 814-362-0243

Location: Swarts 102C

About Faculty Senate

As a full-time faculty member, you are automatically included in the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is an official body for shared governance. Through its various committees, it considers and makes recommendations concerning educational policies, strategic initiatives, computing plans, faculty welfare and many other issues that affect the faculty of Pitt-Bradford.

The Faculty Senate is governed by the Faculty Senate Council, which maintains communication with the administrative officers of Pitt-Bradford, the Staff Association, and the Student Government.

Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Committee Chairs (2021-2022)

Academic Integrity Board (AIB) – Dr. Tracee Howell

Academic Technology Committee (ATC) – T.B.D.

Educational Policies Committee (EPC) – Dr. Kira Leck

Faculty Development Committee (FDC) – T.B.D.

Faculty Welfare Committee (FW) – T.B.D.

Health & Safety Committee (H&S) – Dr. Daniel Sadowsky

Promotion & Renewal Committee (P&R) – T.B.D.

Senate Council – Dr. Matthew Kropf

Student Affairs Committee (SA) – T.B.D.

Tenure Committee (T) – Dr. Mary Mulcahy

Faculty Representatives on University Committees

University Planning & Budget Committee (UPBC) – Dr. Jean Truman

University Senate Council – T.B.D.

University Senate Tenure and Academic Freedom Committee - Dr. Don Ulin

Provost’s Area Council on Undergraduate Programs (PACUP) - Dr. Don Ulin

University Faculty Assembly – Prof. Jeffrey Guterman

Senate Constitution and By-Laws

Faculty Senate President Duties

Tenure Policies and Procedures