Undergraduate Research

Dr. Lanre with student researcher
Dr. Lanre Morenikeji, left, and sophomore Ana Grytsay at work in the lab this summer producing RNA for use in Morenikeji’s research project. (Photo by Mary Mulcahy)
Nursing Researchers
Senior nursing students study hunger on campus and present in preparation to present before the Appalachian Regional Commission in Washington, D.C.
Dr. Rebecca McHugh and her psychology students research and present on how people choose to present themselves and how much of themselves they reveal to whom.
Lab Photo
Senior biology major Jordan Yaros analyzing the microplastic content of tap water.
Chemistry major developing a bioplastic to cover wounds.

At Pitt-Bradford, you won't be limited to learning just in a classroom. You'll also have many opportunities to conduct research. You'll work side by side with your professor in many of our academic majors, including biology, criminal justice, mathematics, sociology, chemistry and psychology.

You'll also have opportunities to present your research. Many of our students presented at the annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Fair, which is held on campus each spring. Students are also selected each year to present at the annual Penn-York Undergraduate Research Conference.

Our students have researched

And that's just the beginning. You may even get it published in an academic journal. Other students have. Your research opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

Contact Dr. Warren Fass, Director of Undergraduate Research