For Parents & Guardians

I think my child is in danger and is currently experiencing an emergency. What should I do?

If you’re worried that your child is in a mental health crisis, suicidal or life-threatening situation, we encourage you to call Campus Police to request a welfare check. You can also consult with Campus Police about which police station to call if your child lives off-campus. The emergency number for Campus Police is 814-368-3211.

I’ve been trying to encourage my child to make a counseling appointment but they don’t want to go. How can I encourage them to get the needed help?

After listening to your adult child’s thoughts and feelings in a sensitive, nonjudgmental way, you can instill hope by helping them to realize that there are options for help, and that things will not always appear so difficult. Tell them that you believe that using resources like counseling is a sign of strength and maturity, rather than a sign of weakness or failure. Give information about Counseling Services and prepare them for what to expect. If a student is simply not ready to use professional counseling services, suggest other resources like Residence Life staff, friends or other trusted adults as a first step in addressing concerns. You can always consult with a Counseling Services professional about your specific concerns.

How will I know if my child is keeping their appointments with Counseling Services?

If a student signs a written consent for the release of information to a specified third-party, Counseling Services can share appointment verification with the identified individual.

My child worries that a visit to the Counseling Center will appear on their school record? Is that correct?

No, mental health records are not part of academic records.

I want to make an appointment for my child but was told that I could not. Why not?

We require all students to make their own appointments. Students who make their own appointments are already taking the first step towards a positive therapeutic relationship by demonstrating their readiness to engage in therapy.

Will medication be prescribed?

Counseling Services staff do not prescribe medication. If evaluation for medication is desired, staff will facilitate a referral to a psychiatric provider, either in the Bradford area or near the student’s permanent home.

Can a student receive mental health care services anywhere else besides Counseling Services?

Students are welcome to seek out any care provider they feel is the best fit for their needs. Pitt-Bradford does have an arrangement with The Guidance Center by which an enrolled student can be referred to The Guidance Center after meeting with the Student Counseling Center.  These sessions are a limited number of sessions at no charge, and this may also apply to both psychiatric care and therapy.

Do you need special permission for treatment if my child is under 18-years-old?

No. In Pennsylvania, the age of consent for mental health care is 14. Individuals over 14 are able to consent to their own treatment without the notification, involvement, or consent of their parents or guardians.