Satisfactory / No Credit Grade Request Form

This Form is closed for this semester

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented situation it has created, the University of Pittsburgh is adopting a significant level of flexibility in course grading for the spring 2020 semester (2204). After the conclusion of the spring term, all undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted to convert any of their courses during this spring term from a letter grade basis to a satisfactory (S)/no credit (NC) basis. Moreover, all courses that are awarded S grades will count toward graduation/degree requirements and satisfy future course prerequisites, while those courses awarded NC grades will not negatively impact a student's GPA. For undergraduate classes, S corresponds to a grade of C or better, and NC corresponds to a grade of C- or lower. 

Students are strongly urged to consider the potential impact of their decisions, including effects on specialized program accreditation, external scholarship eligibility, Forever GI Bill® certifications, impact on future educational pursuits (i.e., graduate school, medical school, and residency applications), etc.

All S/NC decisions must be submitted by June 24, 2020.

There is a window of opportunity/time for students to reverse their decision and move back to the letter grade awarded. At some later date, if a student wants to request that their grade be changed back to the original letter grade basis, they should contact their Dean’s Office.